Our Story

We are Martijn and Marc, two brothers from the Netherlands and founders of changemyfootprint.com. We believe climate change caused by human actions is real. We also believe that if we want to do something about it we have to change the way we do things. We should all stop driving gasoline cars, stop flying and doing other things that are bad for the environment. But let’s face it, we are not going to stop doing the things we love, so let’s change the way we do them then. And if we change the way we do things now, and the industry with the help of our government's, changes with us. We believe the world will look totally different in the future. Electric cars, powered by built in solar panels, magnetic trains, windmills everywhere…

our story

Our Goals

With our website we help you with saving money and the environment in your daily life activities. Saving money as an incentive to be better for our planet and to fight climate change. Could it get any better? Isn’t a thicker wallet and a happier planet something we all love? With the hundreds of ideas we present there are always some things you can change. And although the changes might look small, remember that when we all do something small, we actually all do something very big! So, where are you waiting for? Start changing!

our goals