5 apps to help you save big time

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1. Waze

It’s the world’s largest community-based traffic and GPS app. Drivers share together real-time traffic and road information in your area. A perfect way to avoid traffic jams and drive efficiently.


2. Autobud

This app can help you with driving more eco-friendly. The app is able to detect all your car trips and give them a score for economy and safety. AutoBud can provide you an accurate evaluation of your driving style, as well as tips to improve it.


3. ShowerWatch

It’s a fun way to help you cut down your water consumption in the shower.

Showerwatch App

4. Goodguide

Want to know which toothpaste is greenest? Or which mascara has the fewest neurotoxins? Simply scan any barcode and find out if this is the product for you.


5. Evernote

Make digital lists and notes. Besides reducing waste, digital lists and notes are more user-friendly. Evernote is a good example.


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