Since you’re here.. we’ve got a small favour to ask...

Now you started saving for a thicker wallet and happier planet, would you be so kind to donate some of your savings to help us out? This website is a personal project of us without any funding what means we pay for everything ourselves and are limited in developing our ideas. Please consider to donate to our project to help us exist. At the moment we need money for three things:

1. Webhosting

We can’t be online without it!

2. Reaching out

The more people we reach, the bigger our joint impact on the planet will be. We can reach more people by using online advertising tools such as Google Adwords and Facebook Advertisements.

3. Creating content and website development

For example: buying stock images for our website and social media channels.

So, what do you say? Are you standing with us?


Thank you so much!

Marc & Martijn, brothers and founders of