Unplug your chargers

Even if they are not connected to your device, they are still draining electricity. Most likely your total savings by unplugging your chargers will not be more than a dollar a year. But why would you even waste a small amount of electricity if you don't have to.

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Use your tablet

Your tablet uses up to 26 times less energy than your desktop computer. Your laptop uses up to 3 times less energy than your desktop computer.

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Unsubscribe from newsletters and fight junk mail

Digital traffic costs a lot of server capacity. These servers use a lot of electricity. Every day millions and millions of unwanted newsletters and junk emails are spread out over our globe without any benefit. Make sure to hit the unsubscribe button below unwanted e-mails for a happier planet and a happier you.

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Shutdown your computer when you're finished

Try to avoid the standby modus. Does it really take a lot of time to start your computer all over again? Most of the energy consumption of electronics is used while they are not in use.

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Switch off your screen

Is that screen on standby? Switch it off!

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Dim the light of your screen

Adjust it to the amount of light around you. This will save your eyes as well.

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Use your energy saving modus

Your daily digital activities don’t need a lot of battery power. Take a look at the power management options of your computer.

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Earn money with your old electronics

Search for online companies that give you money for old notebooks and phones.

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Buy second hand electronics

Many stores offer refurbished or second hand electronics.

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Repair or upgrade your old computer

The footprint of a replacement part for your computer is a lot smaller than a new machine.

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Clean up your computer

Think about the cookies, temporary internet files and old settings and programs. It makes your computer more efficient. And who is not happier with a faster computer?

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Shutdown your computer overnight

Try to make a habit of it.

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Get a green host for your website

The internet will soon be responsible for nearly 10% of our global electricity use.

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Recycle your old electronics

Bring your old electronics to the closest electronics shop you can find. They will recycle them for you. Wait! And take those old batteries with you as well!

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Use Ecosia for searching online

Save the planet while searching online. Set Ecosia as your default search engine. Half of their revenue goes to planting new trees.

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