Keep your tires properly inflated

With properly inflated tires your gas mileage will improve. Look for the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) rating. Driving 12,000 miles yearly on under-inflated tires costs about 144 gallons extra.

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Turn off your air conditioning

Yes, your car's air conditioning is using gas and the manufacturer of your vehicle is not very transparent about it. Air conditioning can use about 10% extra fuel when operating. However, at speeds of over 80 km/h, use of airconditioning is better for fuel consumption than an open window as this creates aerodynamic drag. If it is hotter inside your car than outside when you start a trip, drive with the windows down for a few minutes to help cool the car before starting the air conditioning.

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Use your cruise control

It adjusts the speed of your car by controlling the throttle position. It’s the consistent provision of fuel what improves your fuel economy. Your vehicle could get up to 15% better mileage.

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Keep your car as light as possible

The heavier your car, the harder your car's engine has to work to do it’s job. Take a look at the stuff that's in your trunk and only take with you what you really have to take with you.

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Drive in the right gear

Driving in a gear lower than you have to wastes fuel. When you have a manual vehicle, change up gears as soon as the car is comfortable with the higher gear but without accelerating harder than necessary. When you have an automatic transmission ease back slightly on the accelerator once the car gathers momentum.

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Forget speeding and unnecessary acceleration

Consistent driving can improve your mileage up to 33%. Fuel consumption increases significantly over about 90 km/h. At 110 km/h your car uses up to 25% more fuel than it would cruising at 90 km/h.

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Avoid hauling cargo on your roof

Hauling cargo on your roof increases wind resistance. A large cargo box can reduce your fuel economy by around 6% to 17% on the highway.

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Be up to date about traffic jams

When driving slow in traffic jams your car uses way more gas than when driving normally. Try to avoid traffic jams. Besides wasting gas traffic jams are also bad for your car's brakes and other components what will result in more maintenance.

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Use Waze to avoid traffic jams

It’s the world’s largest community-based traffic and GPS app. Drivers share together real-time traffic and road information in your area. A perfect way to save money and the environment together!

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Share your car

Why not share your car when you don’t need it all the time? It’s also a nice way to make new friends and you can even earn money with it. Take a look at some easy apps to help you share your car.

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Use the recommended grade of motor oil

It helps your engine to work efficiently and stay cleaner. Have a look at the user manual of your car to learn what type of oil your engine needs. Search for the user manual online if you can’t find it. Many car brands have their user manuals on their website.

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Use Autobud

This app can help you with driving more eco-friendly. The app is able to detect all your car trips and give them a score for economy and safety. AutoBud can provide you an accurate evaluation of your driving style, as well as tips to improve it.

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Clean your car’s air filter regularly

It can improve your gas mileage by up to 7% and the good news is that the filter is easy to clean! All you need is your car, a vacuum cleaner and your owner’s manual. Because the car’s air filter begins to get clogged with dust after just a few thousand miles you should clean the filter regularly. Remember that newer cars have less problems with dirty air filters and be careful during the cleaning process because some air filters are easy to break.

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Did you ever try carpooling?

Besides money and gas it also reduces air pollution and traffic congestion because there are less cars on the road. It's also a great way to make new friends and when you are not driving yourself you can even get some sleep or do some work. Several apps and websites are out there to help you with finding people to start carpooling with.

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Turn off the engine when standing still

When standing in front of a roadblock or a traffic light you can switch off the engine. Especially automatic cars are easy with this.

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Look at the energy label of your new car

It’s one of the most important things of your new car. It says a lot about what you are going to spend on gas.

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Avoid short journeys

A cold engine uses almost twice as much fuel and catalytic converters can take five miles to become effective. Cycle or walk instead.

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Go for hybrid or electric when choosing your next car

Why not look at a electric or hybrid car when you need a new one. The production process of a new car leaves a big footprint on our planet so try to find a second-hand one.

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Choose a car with a 3-way catalytic converter

Choosing a new car? Find a car with a 3-way catalytic converter. This may sound to technical for you, but it comes down to that it reduces nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons emissions by up to 90%.


Use eco-friendly wiper fluid

Most other wiper fluids on the market contain Methanol. Methanol is harmful for the environment.

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