Make a digital list

Besides reducing waste, a digital list is more user-friendly. Find an app where you can make check off lists. Evernote is a good example.

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Bring a reusable bag

In this case you don’t need a new plastic bag. Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled Also the oceans are filling up with plastic.

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Bring your own packaging for fruits and vegetables

Leave the plastic and paper bags at the store.

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Avoid buying vegetables in packaging

With packaging you can’t buy the exact amount you need. This will make you eat too much or leave you with leftovers. And as we all know, leftovers end up in the garbage easily.

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Go for bulk packaging

Buy daily use products and products with a long shelf life in large amounts. For example, you can think of cereals, soap and dishwasher cubes.

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Go to a local farmer's market for your fruits and vegetables

Here you can choose the amount you need without packaging. It also stimulates your local economy.

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Where was that fish swimming?

Pay attention to where your fish is coming from. Does it have the MSC logo or ASC logo?

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Stick to your list

Avoid impulsive buys. The lesser consumption, the happier our planet.

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Use Goodguide (app)

Want to know which toothpaste is greenest? Or which mascara has the fewest neurotoxins? Simply scan any barcode and find out if this is the product for you.

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Don’t be fooled by a cheap price

Look at the quality, quantity and origin of the product.