pooping & peeing

Use the small flush button

Many toilets have a dual flush button. Use the small button. It uses half of the water and when you need more you can always hit it again.

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Hit the flush button a second time

Some toilets (particularly older toilets) stop flushing when you hit the flush button a second time. Often you don’t need the big amount of liters your toilet uses to flush.

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Buy toilet paper in bulk

You’ll need it daily. So why buy the packaging so many times?

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Could you grab less sheets of toilet paper?

Two sheets do the same job as four right?

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Usa a Hippo Water Saving device

Does your toilet cistern holds more than 6 litres of water (likely if it was installed before 2001)? Put a Hippo Water Saving device in it. This will save between 1 and 3 litres of water every time you flush your toilet. Make sure to buy the right sized Hippo for your toilet and start saving!

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Reflect the heat of your radiators

Stick aluminium foil or reflective panels behind your radiators. This reflects heat back into the room instead of going into the walls.

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Use 100% recycled and unbleached toilet paper

Look for the 100% recycled logo on the packaging.

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