Buy second-hand stuff

Some of the benefits are that it cuts down manufacturing demands, is cheaper and keeps more items out of the landfill.

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Bring a reusable bag for your purchases

In this case you don’t need a new plastic bag. Our oceans are filling up with plastic and less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled. This is your effort to not be a part of this.

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Shop online

Shipping from a warehouse to your home has one of the lowest impacts of all distribution options.

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Pay close attention to the energy consumption of your new product

Don’t be fooled be a cheap price and look at the energy consumption tag. Paying less now and a lot more every year through your electricity bill doesn't make any sense right?

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Borrow stuff!

Why buy it when your neighbor has it and doesn’t use it? Become part of the sharing economy.

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Buy bamboo products instead of wood products

Depending on the species, bamboo can be harvested in one to five years. Hardwoods like oak take at least forty years to mature before they can be harvested. Besides this, bamboo also absorbs carbon dioxide, releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees and uses less water.

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Buy from companies that are environmentally friendly

We know people and companies need to focus on finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and the resources we have left. There are plenty of companies operating under this new ethos.

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Use Goodguide (app)

Wanna know which toothpaste is greenest? Or which mascara has the fewest neurotoxins? Then this app's for you. Simply scan any barcode and find out if this is the product for you.

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