Fill up your washing machine

In this way your machine works more efficiently. It’s also nice to load and unload the machine less frequently.

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Turn your washing machine to 30 degrees

Normal dirty laundry will get out the same as washed at 40 degrees.

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Try turning your washing machine to 0 degrees

Many times cold water is enough to wash your clothes. When your laundry is not very dirty you will not see the difference.

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Try the eco-mode of your washing machine

Your machine will then use less water and power to do the same job.

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Dry clothes on a line

Say bye to the dryer. The material of your clothes will last longer and when drying outside your clothes will smell and feel fresher as well.

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Clean the lint filter of your dryer

When you do use a dryer, make sure it works efficient. Cleaning the lint filter helps the air to circulate better. This will increase the dryer’s energy efficiency.

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Make your own laundry detergent

It’s easier than you think! Really!

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