Travel to your work by public transport or bike

Instead of sitting behind the wheel you have time left to do other things such as read e-mails en prepare meetings.

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Turn off the standby modus of your screen when going home

Ever seen your office space at night? Many times you can see a field of red dots caused by left on standby modes.

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Work from home

Discuss this with your employer. It’s also nice to sometimes work in your pyjamas, with no makeup and messy hair.

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Use Linkedin instead of paper business cards

It’s also a better way to connect with your target audience.

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Avoid printing emails

Consider thinking about the environment before printing your e-mail. Is it really important to print it?

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Print double-sided

Why would you print single-sided documents? Printing double-sided reduces the need for paper by 50% and makes the printed package 50% less heavy. Especially when your company sends a lot of paperwork by mail you can save a lot on this. Make sure to look at your printing settings before printing your next documents.

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Refill your ink cartridges

For every average bottle of ink purchased you are saving up to 15 cartridges from going into landfill.

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Switch to a whiteboard

Say bye to paper for your creative moments.

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Use electronic invoices

Say bye to paper invoices and welcome electronic ones. It’s also quick and convenient.

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Unsubscribe from newsletters and fight junk mail

Digital traffic costs a lot of server capacity. These servers use a lot of electricity. Every day millions and millions of unwanted newsletters and junk emails are spread out over our globe without any benefit. Make sure to hit the unsubscribe button below unwanted e-mails for a happier planet and a happier you.

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Shop for office supplies at The Green Office

They sell office supplies that ‘don’t cost the earth’ as they describe it themselves. From furniture made of sustainable timber to recycled cups for your daily coffee, they have it all. Visit their website and find whatever you need.

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Bring a mug

Use it instead of using plastic cups. It also gives you more comfort.

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Recycle your plastic cups

At the office, many of us drink a lot of coffee throughout the day. Make sure to recycle the plastic cups after you finished.

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Take a look at the paper source

Sometimes you really need paper. The process of creating and using paper has a huge impact on nature. Make sure to use paper that has the FSC mark.

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